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How Technology Can Improve Operations and Bring You Closer to Your Customer How Technology Can Improve Operations and Bring You Closer to Your Customer

Operating a business in the global economy has become increasingly difficult over the last few years. With companies operating globally on at least some level, the impact of these challenges is being felt across all industries and involves entities of all sizes.

New compliance and regulations, changing consumer demands, rising transportation costs, and the need for good technology and communication can all impact how goods move around the globe.

Gaining visibility over supply chains while achieving profitability goals while meeting the needs of customers is an ongoing challenge for most companies.

To better understand the challenges that global organizations are facing, and which strategies are being embraced to streamline and improve transportation and logistics operations, Honeywell and Logistics Management conducted a study examining these issues.

Learn more about how technology can address these challenges by improving operations and bringing your business closer to your customer. You'll learn where companies will be investing in the next 12 months, understand what other businesses hope to gain with an investment in mobile device technology, and see how DCs are planning to use Big Data.

Presented by: Honeywell
Date: October 2018
Zone Skipping Strategies to Reduce E-commerce Shipping Costs Zone Skipping Strategies to Reduce E-commerce Shipping Costs

E-commerce customers want orders delivered faster than ever, but paying extra for shipping is a deal breaker.

In fact, shoppers abandon orders online half the time due to unexpectedly high shipping costs.

An innovative sortation strategy called zone skipping can reduce shipping costs and boost both profitability and customer retention. Fulfillment centers can assume some of the sortation steps typically required of parcel carriers by taking advantage of latent capacity – offering big results:

  • Faster delivery
  • Reduced shipping cost (25-75 percent less per parcel)

See what zone skipping can do for your operation!

Presented by: Honeywell
Date: September 2018
Order Fulfillment Optimization Order Fulfillment Optimization

For the fulfillment operation considering making the transition from manual paper picking to paperless processes, two key questions inevitably arise:

  1. When is the best time to make the move from manual paper picking to paperless picking, such as RF, pick-to-light or voice picking?
  2. What can we expect if and when we make the move?

This white paper outlines the factors to consider, the benefits of current automated picking technologies available, and reviews some of the efficiency improvements and ROI these technologies can bring to an operation.

Presented by: Honeywell
Date: March 2018