April 2015

How Voice-Directed Work Dramatically Improved Multiple Workflows in an Automotive Distribution Center

Have your customers or organization demanded distribution improvements from you? BUT, you've been constrained due to:

  • Increasing customer demands
  • Budget constraints
  • Aging RF devices (with no return on investment)
  • Internal IT resources
  • Reluctant or costly WMS provider support
  • Daimler Trucks of North America faced a similar scenario. In this webinar, Duane Wilson, Manager of IT Systems Support PDC Operations for Daimler Trucks North America, will discuss how Daimler faced a variety of operational issues – such as a heavily-customized legacy WMS and a picking process that involved paper, labels and a lot of scanning with repetitive steps. While still ironing out their long-term WMS direction, Daimler believed that bringing in a voice system and reducing their scanning could really improve productivity.

    Join us for this webcast to learn about Daimler's journey into looking at voice technology and how they found an answer with Voiteq and Honeywell's Vocollect Solutions, which provided the added benefits of Hands Free, Eyes Free directed work flow over their existing RF solution. Hear firsthand how Daimler was able to dramatically improve multiple workflows, yielding significant results in performance, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

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