June 2014

How Seneca Medical Reduced Costs to Improve Profitability and Gain Competitive Advantage Using Vocollect Voice

View this webcast to learn how Seneca Medical, a medical surgical product distribution company committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, has achieved significant results in performance, cost savings and customer and worker satisfaction by using Vocollect by Honeywell voice-directed workflow solutions in its distribution centers. Vocollect Voice has helped Seneca Medical increase service levels while reducing costs, supporting the company's mission of continuous improvement to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Discover how this customer-centric distributor, working with its solution provider Speech Interface Design, applied voice to its each- and case-picking workflows in their six distribution centers to achieve 99.9% accuracy levels without auditing and a 25% productivity improvement in its each-pick areas, as well as $1M in cost savings.
  • Learn about the value projection of Vocollect Voice and the less than 6-month return on investment achieved by Seneca Medical.
  • Gain a comprehensive account of Seneca's pre-voice expectations compared to their post-voice results and how the risk-averse solution delivered as projected by Speech Interface Design.
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