July 2013

Harnessing Big Data for Enterprise-Scale Optimization

For as long there have been supply chain executives, there has been the need for true end-to-end supply chain analytics. But this level of detailed analysis always seemed just beyond technical reach—until now.

In this videocast, supply chain insiders James Cooke, DC Velocity editor-at-large, and Don Hicks, founder, president and CEO of LLamasoft, discuss the evolution of network design and optimization, and how new technologies like cloud computing and in-memory data have opened the door to an extremely valuable new era of enterprise-scale optimization.

They discuss how companies can now create realistic models of their entire enterprise to enable better decisions on a variety of topics and how companies harness "big data" to model, optimize and analyze their end-to-end supply chain operations. A must-watch event for supply chain and logistics managers and executives interested in applying or expanding supply chain design within their operations.

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