September 2011

Labor Management Storm Watch: Preparing for the Road Ahead

The labor management storm of strict regulation and rising overhead is here, and logistics companies like yours are scrambling to take cover. At the same time, you need to find new ways to increase your workforce's productivity, while avoiding unnecessary costs.

In this webinar you'll hear leading industry analyst Greg Aimi, Director of Supply Chain Research for Gartner, discuss the latest trends in logistics labor management that go beyond just monitoring employee performance. He'll highlight the benefits of many topics, including:

  • Developing incentive pay structures to increase driver productivity
  • Automating policy management for regulatory compliance
  • Optimizing the workforce to meet customer demand and adapt to tightening capacity
  • Discover how to take shelter from the storm.

Featured Speaker:
Greg Aimi, Research Director, Gartner

David Maloney, Senior Editor, DC Velocity

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