Channel 3: Videocasts

Backcountry.com's Journey to Boosting Order Fulfillment with Auto-Boxing
Due to parcel growth and the need for quick, low-cost shipping, many companies are seeking out innovative automated packaging solutions. In this webinar, learn how Backcountry.com, a leading outdoor e-commerce retailer, tackled rising customer expectations, warehouse labor shortages, and increased shipping and material costs, all while putting a greater focus on sustainability with auto-boxing technology.
September 2019

How to Master the Challenges of Direct-to-Consumer Shipping
In this webinar, you'll learn tips for mastering the challenges of direct-to-consumer shipping and hear from one major home goods company about how they became a leader in drop shipping using tools that helped them maintain visibility into vendor inventory and exchange information electronically in real-time.
June 2019

Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Designing the Ideal System for Today and Tomorrow
Successful retailers know that to keep up with this "Amazon Effect" they must employ the right mix of data, software and hardware. The challenge is knowing where to start. In this webcast, we will address this challenge to help you achieve faster e-commerce and retail fulfillment within a single facility.
February 2019

The Internet of Things – Are you ready for the revolution?
Most of us have heard of the Internet of Things – how connected devices will do everything from monitor our homes to enable self-driving cars. But do we know how it will revolutionize supply chains? The ability to have data not only collected by thousands of devices but to actually act on that data in meaningful ways will dramatically change how we run our supply chains. Are you ready for the revolution? Join DC Velocity as we present two industry experts who share their take on how IoT will impact our work and our lives.
December 2018

Improve Your Warehouse Space Utilization and Productivity with Proven Technology
As the world's leading integrator of AutoStore, Swisslog is sharing its unique expertise in the design and implementation of this highly efficient storage and order picking system for case and light-goods order fulfillment. Combining outstanding storage density with very high flexibility, AutoStore offers dramatic improvements in warehouse space utilization and productivity.
October 2018

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