June 12, 2019

Keeping your Toyota a Toyota

The Toyota Dealer Network provides more than sales and repairs. It delivers peace of mind.

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The work of a manufacturer often ends once a consumer buys its product. But in the case of Toyota Forklift, it's after a purchase that much of the work for its Toyota Dealer Network really begins. The network acts as an extension of the Toyota brand, providing access to financing, service, warranties, and Genuine Toyota Parts at more than 65 dealers at 220 locations across North America. It's a partnership that provides full-circle support for your forklift fleet. And that's the foundation of Toyota 360 Support.

"It's the customer-first mentality that differentiates the Toyota forklift dealer from its competition. But more importantly, it's the people who embody the customer-first mentality and put it into action in the field on a day-to-day basis," says Jon Vincent, national manager, Dealer Sales at Toyota Material Handling.

Customer service is the primary focus of Toyota dealers, and caring for Toyota forklifts in the field is a passion. Dealers know that the best people to keep vehicles running are those expertly trained and equipped for the job.

"Toyota-certified technicians go through the most rigorous training in the industry, which includes both classroom training and in-the-field training in order to keep your Toyota forklifts running at peak performance and ensure maximum uptime," says Megan McGriff, Toyota's manager – Parts Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing. "The technicians have the right skills and the right parts to keep Toyota fleets up and running. By putting the know-how and responsiveness of Toyota-certified technicians behind you, your business will always operate at full strength."

Service is a primary component of Toyota 360 Support. This planned maintenance and fast-response program goes well beyond a typical warranty to assure that there are no surprises in maintaining a Toyota vehicle.

"It allows the customers to avoid potential expenses down the road by keeping up on the planned maintenance," explains McGriff. "The Toyota 360 Support promise is built on Toyota's certified technicians and the service that they provide. We have over 3,500 technicians and 2,600 service vans on the road every day making sure that the customers' forklifts are running so that those customers can continue to work on growing their business instead of monitoring the maintenance of their forklifts."

Companies cannot afford to have their forklifts break down. The use of Genuine Toyota Parts helps to assure there are no surprises when operating a Toyota vehicle. Toyota's industry-leading Genuine Parts warranty protection covers two years or 4,000 hours from the installation date and includes labor when installed by a Toyota-certified technician. The aftermarket quality-control system verifies that every Toyota Genuine Part is built to the same exacting tolerances and quality-control standards as the part it replaces.

"The overall advantage of Toyota Genuine replacement parts is keeping peace of mind," says Ron McCluskey, president of Brodie Toyota Lift, a dealer in Lawrence, Mass. "There is a significant difference in quality with using a Toyota Genuine Part compared with a will-fit replacement part."

Good management is a combination of optimizing the use of equipment and personnel. That's where Toyota T-Matics Command comes in. This mobile forklift management system provides actionable operative data on your Toyota vehicles.

Stemco, a manufacturer of truck components, uses T-Matics Command on the fleet of Toyotas at its production plant in Longview, Texas. "T-Matics has really helped with tracking forklift use," says Brad McGill, a supervisor at Stemco. "My press area has four different forklifts, and I'm able to go into the system and see how much time each forklift is being used. I think there's also much more accountability. Each driver logs in with a unique passcode, and that gives them a sense of awareness that they need to pay attention to their surroundings."

With the promise of certified technicians, fast response, and Genuine Toyota Parts, Toyota 360 Support is the best way to assure that your Toyota forklifts remain highly productive every day of their lifting lives.

For more information on Toyota's full-service product line of forklifts and warehouse equipment, visit www.ToyotaForklift.com/forklifts.

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