Track and Trace Systems

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DNA solves denim-tracking dilemma
Molecular tags withstand the stone and bleach washing process in laboratory tests.
IT: Color it green
A simple business concept may be getting lost in the chase for the next big IT thing: Make the business case before you spend.
TCompanies app verifies damage to shipping containers
Truck drivers can use PEIR product to avoid damage claims, firm says.
Manhattan develops TMS module for 'Uber for Trucking' segment
"TMS 2017" platform to connect shippers and motor carriers.
SAP adds track and trace analysis to IoT platform
Leonardo platform now features supply chain visibility command center called IoT Bridge.
Roambee lands $3.1 million investment from Deutsche Telekom
Asset tracking firm will expand coverage of its wireless freight sensors through telecom firm's global cell network.
Titanium Transportation installs BlackBerry Radar on trailers
Transportation firm to tag 1,300-unit fleet with tracking system.
Cold chain monitoring market to reach $6.23 billion by 2022
Increased regulation of food and pharmaceuticals could double value of cold chain market from 2015 level.
Network Global Logistics launches shipment-tracking app
Mobile application helps manage same-day shipments.
Load tracking software means no more phone calls
For foodservice distributor US Foods, real-time location information means there's no need to call drivers or dispatchers to manage exceptions and check on the whereabouts of loads.

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