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Here are some recent product announcements that have crossed our editors' desks.
Startup says its solution can prevent texting while driving
Cryptocurrency pays safe drivers to ignore their smartphones.
Report: Cybersecurity lags in logistics industry
Companies understand the growing threat of cyberattacks, but are failing to make security a primary part of their business operations, technology report shows.
States with worst highway systems find it difficult to improve, report shows
Infrastructure spending and performance data lag in FL, OK, DE, CA, CT, NY, MA, HI, RI, AR, and NJ, Reason Foundation says.
Report: cargo theft rates jump over July 4th holiday
Thieves target shipments that are left unattended over holiday break, Sensitech says.
Report finds cargo theft is most often an inside job
Criminal organizations recruit company employees to gain data, cargo information, delivery routes, insurance company says.
National Forklift Safety Day 2019 focuses on progress, best practices
Speakers at annual event outline efforts to promote forklift safety, including practical steps to support operator and pedestrian safety.
Hats off! The hard hat turns 100
Kentucky firm celebrates 100 years of making hard hats.
Lift truck makers celebrate National Forklift Safety Day 2019 with special offers and local events
Lift truck manufacturers and dealers will be observing National Forklift Safety Day on June 11, 2019. Here are just a few examples of the special programs and offers they'll be offering around the country.
Allianz: Number of large ships lost in 2018 was lowest in a century
Just 46 ships sank or burned, but the number of smaller incidents is on the rise, insurance report finds.

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