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Paving the way for women in transportation: interview with Brie Carere
FedEx's Brie Carere is using her passion for global logistics to inspire other women to pursue careers in the fast-changing, technology-driven, opportunity-filled industry.
Quiet Logistics opens Los Angeles area fulfillment center
La Palma, Calif., site becomes fifth facility in planned expansion to 10 to 12 sites as new parent companies fund growth.
Logistics tech firm builds underground, automated warehouse
Site in parking garage will support one-hour grocery delivery in Tel Aviv, CommonSense Robotics says.
Mobility, partial automation dominate in the warehouse
By 2024, six out of 10 companies will use warehouse automation to enhance the human element, not replace it, Zebra Technologies study shows.
Mobile Industrial Robots launches leasing program for warehouse bots
"Robots as a service" plan lowers cost of entry for warehouse automation, firm says.
North American robot orders down in Q1
Orders declined slightly and shipments normalized following a record 2018, Robotic Industries Association reports.
Plug Power acquires Canadian fuel cell vendor
BuyingEnergyOR drives expansion from material handling industry into robotics and UAV sectors.
AGV market set for fast growth through 2024, report says
Sector forecast to grow from $0.83 billion in 2015 to $2.3 billion in 2024, TMR says.
Amazon unveils Xanthus and Pegasus fulfillment robots
Models mark "first major redesign" of e-commerce giant's vaunted automation fleet as company invests in next-day delivery.
Bringing home the groceries: interview with Kevin Condon
Supermarket chain Kroger continues to innovate as it responds to the challenges of the evolving retail grocery market. Kevin Condon is at the center of that transformation.

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