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Nine marine highway projects awarded federal funding
Maritime Administration awards more than $7.5 million in grants to projects across the country.
EPA advances Cleaner Trucks Initiative
Agency seeks public input, taking the next step in its plans to develop cleaner emission standards for heavy-duty trucks.
Welcome to the 2020s
How will this decade leave its mark on the supply chain technology landscape?
USMCA brings meaningful supply chain benefits, trade experts say
With house passage of trade deal, experts are hopeful the USMCA will become a reality in 2020.
Trucking industry clears hurdle in suit against truck-only tolls
Industry's challenge to Rhode Island's freight-truck tolling program can move forward in federal court, U.S. Appeals Court rules.
Solving the final 50 feet: interview with Barbara Ivanov
For businesses that make city deliveries, the challenge isn't so much the last mile as the last 50 feet, starting with the battle for parking space. Barbara Ivanov and her team at the Urban Freight Lab are looking for ways to ease the pain.
How will 2019 stack up for truckers?
Trucking companies owned the freight markets in 2018, setting new records for everything from tonnage to revenues. Matching that won't be easy.
FMCSA proposes changes to hours-of-service rule
Agency seeks public comment on changes designed to give truck drivers more flexibility and improve safety.
Booming economy drives U.S. business logistics costs up 11.4 percent
While shippers struggled to keep pace with tight capacity and rising rates in 2018, many of those pressures are starting to ease, says 30th annual State of Logistics Report.
Free ride
Under current law, drivers of gas- and diesel-powered vehicles shoulder the burden of highway maintenance and repair costs, while drivers of electric vehicles get a free ride. This will have to change.

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