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Asset-locator robot could soon be on the wing
Pinc Solutions says its aerial robot will go into production sometime early this year.
"Inventory nightmares" highlight importance of good asset tracking
The consequences of failing to keep track of inventory can be dire, as these tales of woe demonstrate.
move 'em out, track 'em down
The U.S. military is using technology to track the whereabouts of everything from Humvees to hamburgers.
hide and seek
Until 2006, Kraft's trailer tracking activities looked more like a game of hide and seek than an orderly yard management process. Some low-cost RFID tags, software, and a GPS changed all that.
out-of-this world visibility
IHS, parent of the economic research firm Global Insight, can track oceangoing ships by satellite.
remote control
Diagnose lift-truck performance from afar? It might sound like science fiction, but it's now possible—and it has the potential to change the way you manage your fleet.
getting a read on congestion
RFID technology is in line to change driving patterns, reduce congestion, and help the transportation industry operate more efficiently.
buying in
Skepticism has kept many retailers on the sidelines of the RFID revolution. But a surprising new report could lead them to reconsider.

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