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AI on the rise
More than 32 percent of workers are already exposed to some form of AI on the job, survey says.
Improving visibility—in the cloud
Cloud-based asset-tracking solutions are giving organizations a better view into their supply chains—and helping them improve productivity and efficiency inside, outside, and on the road.
See it now, and save
Supply chain visibility isn't just about improving customer service. It can also save you a lot of money.
Before you move to the cloud ...
Yes, it's possible to use a cloud-based WMS to run an automated facility, say the experts. But there are some important issues to address first.
The supply chain's systems guru: interview with C. Dwight Klappich
When Gartner analyst C. Dwight Klappich talks about the supply chain software market, people listen. There's a reason for that.
Problem: Getting a WMS up and running in a hurry
The solution for golf cart maker Club Car was implementing an on-demand WMS.
Clouds thicken over the supply chain
New study shows cloud computing is taking the supply chain community by storm. And users are saving a lot of money.
WMS market headed for a split
With more than 200 vendors, the warehousing software market is due for a shakeout. When the dust settles, it's likely just two categories of players will remain.
Pharma supplier gets records in ship shape
West International couldn't afford the complex IT systems needed for tracking the drugs it supplies to cruise ships. Then it found an "on demand" program that does everything it needs and more.

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