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Toyota bundles two divisions together to create unified material handling unit
Toyota Material Handling Inc. to be formed by combination of Japanese company's Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Material Handling USA lines.
Global AGV market to reach $7.3 billion by 2025
Growing demand for material handling equipment will boost AGV market over next seven years, study shows.
AMRs and AGVs rev their engines
The relentless drive for warehouse efficiency is sparking new interest in self-driving vehicles. For those wondering which type to buy, experts say forget the labels and focus on capabilities.
Spotlight on ... forklifts and attachments
These vehicles and accessories will keep things moving around your warehouse.
Toyota Material Handling adds battery vendor to forklift parts program
EnerSys to join Starlift network to service industrial trucks and vehicles.
Toyota Forklifts launches new order picker model line-up
The company expanded its product line to help warehouse customer meet growing demands.
UniCarriers hosts the Forklift Industry Summit
This first-ever event for the forklift manufacturer brings together dealers and suppliers.
Ability awareness: interview with Tom Minich
While many would consider disabilities a liability, Peckham Inc. embraces employees with disabilities as the key to its success as an organization.
Kion North America forms dealer advisory council
Eleven members will confer with Kion management to boost sales of Linde and Baoli industrial truck brands.
Forklift safety program earns co-op free tacos
Award-winning safety initiative nets workers a free lunch catered by local taqueria.

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