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Canada must join U.S., Mexico for compact to gain traction, groups say
NRF, Teamsters laud U.S.-Mexico agreement, but say three is a necessary crowd.
Changes in parcel landscape loom large as UPS, Teamsters knock heads again
UPS says it needs flexibility to compete with parcel newbies. Will the union play ball?
Next round of port contracts likely to be settled without strife, expert forecasts
ILA, ILWU seek to retain shippers' confidence by demonstrating commitment to stability, says consultant Anthony Scioscia.
West Coast longshoremen vote to hold contract-extension talks with management
ILWU head calls delegate vote a "tough decision," U.S. agriculture export group hails move.
More turmoil for drivers
With one of the Teamsters' largest pension funds on the ropes, the real potential losers are the drivers who worked years in anticipation of a reasonable retirement income.
Port of Oakland breaks up shipping logjam
Container ships restoring Oakland to their list of active ports.
Asia-East Coast spot ocean rates soar as West Coast port crisis spurs diversion
U.S.-East Coast spot rates to exceed $5,000 per FEU for first time in years, consultancy report says.
Georgia port chief calls for immediate resolution of West Coast port problems
Port congestion there benefits no one, Foltz says.
Obama's moment to seize
History may tip its hat if he ends his term by driving a strong infrastructure bill through Congress.

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