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Slowing economy spells pause for industrial real estate market
But savvy developers will pursue inland port opportunities and growing demand for urban fulfillment centers, new research shows.
UPS enters flexible warehousing field with launch of digital space-matching program
`Ware2Go' matches e-merchants warehouse needs with excess warehouse supply.
Georgia port head hints at several inland ports across state
Chatsworth facility opens today, may be harbinger of things to come.
Industrial property `availability' rate hits lowest point since 2000, CBRE report says
Demand continues to exceed supply as availability declines for 32nd straight quarter.
First-quarter rents hits records in key Pennsylvania corridors, Cushman says
Rent quotes to exceed $5 per square foot by end of year, firm says.
Warehouse network ill-suited for e-commerce needs, report finds
New construction activity makes just minor dent in the problem, CBRE says.
Flowspace helps smaller companies find warehouse space by exploiting vacancy gaps
Flowspace, Flexe, capitalize on market for unused space in leased facilities to get customers as-needed capacity.
Second multi-story DC to be built in New York City
Project in Bronx joins with similar initiative in Brooklyn as first two such structures on East Coast.
Goldman Sachs unit sees gold in roaring U.S. industrial property space
Unit focusing on last-mile fulfillment, delivery in urban areas.
Joint venture including Goldman Sachs unit to build first multilevel DC on East Coast
Three-story Brooklyn project seen as vanguard of new era in industrial development.

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