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Canada Border Services Agency to pilot blockchain shipping solution
CBSA will use TradeLens from IBM/Maersk to improve and secure trade, companies say.
Manhattan Associates partners with FreightRover on TMS
Link with freight marketplace provider helps shippers locate capacity in tight market, Manhattan says.
What, me worry about tariffs?
Many international traders are concerned about the possibility of a trade war with China. Their worries may be overstated.
UPS acquires GTM consultant Sandler & Travis
UPS to combine new acquisition with trade consultancy unit Zone Solutions.
U.S. Customs will devote more attention and resources to technology and e-commerce in 2018, agency's acting head says
Kevin K. McAleenan outlined priorities for the coming year at CONECT conference.
Amber Road expands coverage of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) tool
Global trade management product now tracks more than 120 global trade agreements.
Study calls for digitization of maritime shipping data
Ocean supply chain incurs expensive inefficiency due to poor data sharing in five key areas, survey shows.
Customs budget reauthorization law raises threshold for imports free from customs fees, duties
Shipments valued at up to $800 now exempt from duties, paperwork requirements.
Customs again delays mandatory ACE filing deadline
Phased implementation for certain transactions gives importers a few more months to prepare.
As ACE deadline looms, doubts about readiness, calls for partial delay grow
Few are fully prepared for the mandated Feb. 28 switch to Customs' Automated Commercial Environment system, raising concerns about potential supply chain disruptions.

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