Ergonomic Equipment

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Catch a wave
The long-anticipated wave of disruptive supply chain tech has hit the beach.
No silver bullet
The complexity of today's supply chains underscores the need for good information to make the right decisions.
Spotlight on ... ergonomic equipment
Here are some recent product announcements that have crossed our editors' desks.
Start me up
With a smooth peak season in the rearview mirror, retail supply chain executives turn their focus to new strategies for tackling the labor crunch and incorporating disruptive technology.
AMRs and AGVs rev their engines
The relentless drive for warehouse efficiency is sparking new interest in self-driving vehicles. For those wondering which type to buy, experts say forget the labels and focus on capabilities.
Relieving the stress and strains of distribution
Here are 10 tips for improving worker comfort within your distribution facility.
inVia raises $20 million for warehouse robots
Picker bots create AS/RS for material handling in e-commerce fulfillment, firm says.
RightHand Robotics teams with Capacity on warehouse automation
Partners will integrate piece-picking robot with fulfillment platform for e-commerce and B2B operations.
Robotics on the rise
The evolution of the warehouse and distribution center is causing a revolution in automated solutions for everything from picking to loading, as robotics R&D accelerates.
AutoStore picks New Hampshire for first U.S. office
Site will host training and demos of Norwegian company's goods-to-person fulfillment system, firm says.

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