Defense Logistics

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Penn State program trains Marines on battlefield logistics
Penn State offers MBA degree through military fellowship.
The future may be here now
The technologies that could shape tomorrow's supply chains might already be available—if only we knew how to apply them.
Boeing subsidiary lands defense logistics contract
Boeing's Tapestry Solutions to provide In-Transit Visibility for ground transportation in Kuwait, the Trans-Arabian Network and Iraq, company says.
Tank officer rises to run Army logistics unit
Rutner is a different kind of tanker.
Ability awareness: interview with Tom Minich
While many would consider disabilities a liability, Peckham Inc. embraces employees with disabilities as the key to its success as an organization.
They can get the job done
Seeking good employees with solid logistics experience? Look to vets to fill your squad.
Man on a mission: interview with Chris Andrews
After two-plus decades managing military logistics, Chris Andrews successfully parlayed the skills he honed in the Army into a management job in the private sector. Now, he's working to help other vets do the same.
Crowley Maritime lands $2.3 billion defense logistics contract
Deal could run up to seven years, covering LTL, truckload, expedited, and refrigerated services.
Program promotes awareness of veterans with logistics skills
"Vets to WERC" touts alignment of military logistics experience with supply chain jobs.
Trickle-down logistics
You may not think of the military as a wellspring of logistics innovation. But the Defense Department has a long history of developing (and implementing) cutting-edge tools. Here are just a few examples.

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