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Coming around again ...
The omnichannel revolution has sparked new interest in an old technology: carousels.
Vertical carousel revitalizes healthcare retailer's fulfillment operation
As sales boomed, Danish e-tailer Med24 faced a storage-space crunch. Installing vertical carousels changed all that.
Vertical conveyors increase safety, save time for drug wholesaler
Instead of using forklifts, a New Jersey pharmaceutical DC chose a vertical conveyor to raise materials from floor level to a mezzanine.
Problem: Keeping up with the demands of rapid growth
Canada's Value Drug turned to horizontal carousels, pick- and put-to-light technology, and scanning to rev up order processing and assure accuracy.
Automated system helps grocery DC make smarter picks
An integrated order picking system has slashed labor costs, boosted throughput, and virtually eliminated errors at KeHe Distributors' new DC. And it used ordinary technologies to do it.
the big switch
The prospect of losing three key employees to retirement proved to be just the impetus switch-maker Saia-Burgess needed to automate its warehouse operations.
blueprint for a greener DC
Wondering how to make your warehouse or DC operation more eco-friendly? Here are some ideas to get you started.
Down Under ware
Carousels, flow racks, and sophisticated pick-to-light and put-to-light systems make Bendon's new DC almost as sexy as the lingerie it handles.
how dense can you be?
Managers of spatially challenged DCs may not realize it. But a technology often marketed as a means of boosting picking productivity can also solve their space woes.

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