Automatic Guided Vehicles

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Is the industry robot-ready? interview with Dr. Christian Wurll
Warehouse robots are becoming cheaper and more collaborative all the time. But that doesn't mean they're all ready for 24/7 use, cautions Professor Christian Wurll.
Vecna Robotics says automated vehicles can alleviate warehouse labor shortages
Firm consolidates operations in new headquarters facility, will roll out products through UniCarriers partnership.
Vecna and UniCarriers team up on autonomous mobile robots
Navigation technology and workflow orchestration could improve material handling productivity, partners say.
James J. Radous III of UniCarriers Americas
In our continuing series of discussions with top supply-chain company executives, James J. Radous III of UniCarriers shares his take on the state of the forklift industry, his company's growth following its 2015 acquisition and rebranding, and the importance of giving back.
East Penn acquires majority share of Navitas Systems
Marriage of forklift battery makers will compound lithium battery R&D programs, firms say.
Global AGV market to reach $7.3 billion by 2025
Growing demand for material handling equipment will boost AGV market over next seven years, study shows.
Say it with me: Machines are our friends
While many workers fear losing their jobs to automation, those fears—at least in the supply chain—are largely unfounded.
Palomat AGV exchanges pallet data with driverless forklifts
The Danish manufacturer of pallet magazines has expanded its standard range with a new model, the Palomat AGV.
Seegrid introduces self-driving vision-guided pallet truck
Vehicle supports automated material handling for improved efficiency, safety, the company says.
That sounds like a job for ... an AGV!
At its new dietary supplement plant, Amway needed a way to move goods in and out of cleanrooms while limiting human touches. The answer? Automated guided vehicles.

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