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Report: RFID tags see steady growth for apparel, payment cards, farm animals
Production forecast to grow from 17.5 billion tags in 2018 to 20 billion in 2019, IDTechEx says.
AIM teams with IIC to support industrial internet of things
Industry groups to collaborate on interoperability, portability, security, and privacy.
Postal Service upgrades mobile computers to adapt to on-demand economy
USPS will deploy 300,000 Zebra handheld devices in 2020 to scan, track, and trace packages.
Retailers look to 5G, AR for competitive edge in 2020
Nielsen study says smart supply chains need to anticipate consumers' demands.
Mike Colby of Sick Inc.
In our continuing series of discussions with top supply-chain company executives, Mike Colby discusses advances in artificial intelligence, the growth of digitization, and a connected future supported by the Internet of Things.
Simbe Robotics lands $26 million in funding for rolling retail bot
Deals with Venrock, Softbank will help firm manufacture an additional 1,000 "Tally" robot models over the next two years.
KeepTruckin says new hardware devices can help fleets handle flood of data from smart devices
Firm leverages VC funding to launch asset gateway, smart dashcam.
Voice tech proves just the ticket for restaurant chain
Atlanta-based chain Huddle House achieves near-perfect picking accuracy with the help of Voiteq's voice-directed technology.
AT&T provides 5G data network for rolling retail robots
Badger Technologies says wireless bandwidth and security help its robots gather inventory data from store aisles.
Smart containers see rising prominence in cargo tracking, Drewry says
Growing adoption could include 6.5 percent of global containers by 2023.

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