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Capgemini survey: millennial shoppers ready and willing for autonomous stores
Test cases in Norway and U.S. offer self-checkout aisles to extend store hours, source local vendors.
Welcome to the 2020s
How will this decade leave its mark on the supply chain technology landscape?
Supply chains to infinity and beyond: interview with Mark Wiese
NASA is heading back to the moon. That means it has to develop supply chains both here on Earth and in space. It's up to Mark Wiese and his team to pull it all together.
Going mobile
When paperwork started slowing its drivers down, Cardinal Logistics began searching for a mobile device that could meet the unique needs of trucking. It found the answer in two Zebra mobile computers.
The mothers (and fathers) of invention
Some of our most important material handling technologies have surprising origins.
Doing good, and getting great results
Adaptive technologies are helping visually impaired employees at a Pennsylvania warehouse thrive. But the employer says it's the one reaping the rewards.
Report: RFID tags see steady growth for apparel, payment cards, farm animals
Production forecast to grow from 17.5 billion tags in 2018 to 20 billion in 2019, IDTechEx says.
AIM teams with IIC to support industrial internet of things
Industry groups to collaborate on interoperability, portability, security, and privacy.
Postal Service upgrades mobile computers to adapt to on-demand economy
USPS will deploy 300,000 Zebra handheld devices in 2020 to scan, track, and trace packages.
Retailers look to 5G, AR for competitive edge in 2020
Nielsen study says smart supply chains need to anticipate consumers' demands.

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