Automatic Data Capture

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Grocery fulfillment goes high-tech
E-commerce continues to change the grocery market, as companies seek to meet click-and-collect demands with innovative fulfillment solutions and strategies.
Chinese startup brings autonomous warehouse robot to CES show
ForwardX says its AMR units are being used by for collaborative picking tasks.
Intel platform tracks shipments with IoT
Tool uses internet of things to monitor assets on the move, firm says.
Decathlon USA deploys mobile robot to retail store
Simbe Robotics' "Tally" bot conducts RFID inventory counts while dodging shoppers.
The future may be here now
The technologies that could shape tomorrow's supply chains might already be available—if only we knew how to apply them.
Relieving the stress and strains of distribution
Here are 10 tips for improving worker comfort within your distribution facility.
Simbe robots set to monitor grocery shelves in Schnucks chain
Tally bot uses machine vision, RFID to track inventory on shelves.
Intelligent vending machines track inventory and maintenance, Jabil says
New platform turns traditional vending machines into "smart" retail platforms packed with sensors, according to firm.
Study: supply chain management projects to spark jump in IoT investment through 2023
Forrester says inventory tracking and warehouse management will be major use cases in more than one-quarter of $434.9 billion spending forecast.
The quiet case for RFID
New research says radio frequency identification tags can help companies achieve greater order accuracy than bar-code scanning.

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