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Transportation November 29, 2017

Transportation-focused app aims to improve driver retention by opening lines of communication

ten20, an Indianapolis-headquartered app focused on the transportation industry, announced its national release today. The goal of ten20 is to create a more connected and engaged environment for professional drivers within the transportation industry.

Poor communication or a general lack of communication is routinely cited as one of the reasons that drivers switch carriers. To help increase driver retention and satisfaction, ten20 creates a platform for drivers and fleets to communicate within a carrier-specific feed. This feed allows drivers to provide observations and feedback directly to the carrier, while carriers can provide recognition and engage drivers in the strategic and operational decision-making process. The open communication between drivers and fleets creates a more inclusive, innovative environment, which in turn improves outcome for all parties.

"Carriers are now able to engage their driver base with company updates, announcements and important news, as well as use the app to recognize and show appreciation for their drivers," says Derek Doddridge, ten20 president.

In addition to connecting professional drivers with their carriers, ten20 users find that the app provides a much-needed sense of community within the broader transportation industry. To help connect drivers where ever they are, users can find nearby "buddies" or get alerted when their paths will cross with old friends. Once users know who is in the area, they can use the app to find a place to meet up or find other transportation-specific points-of-interest.

"The driver community is such a tight-knit group and this app delivers a platform for them to build a social network centered around transportation," says Doddridge.

Each user's profile is designed to reflect the interests of professional drivers and those in the transportation industry. Drivers can feature their truck and document their experiences on the road in their social feed. Carrier representatives and other transportation industry workers are able to stay more personally connected with their friends and co-workers as they travel all around the country.

Further, ten20 is partnered with FreightRover, the dynamic load exchange and management app. This partnership will provide additional functionality in both apps. Upcoming features include integrated FreightRover load data to increase the ease of use of the ten20 app and to enrich the over-the-road experience.

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