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Supply Chain Management April 13, 2018

Breakthrough®Fuel Announces Launch of Breakthrough®Supply Chain

Green Bay, Wis. - Breakthrough®Fuel, a pioneer in the field of transportation energy and information management, is excited to announce the launch of its latest service offering, Breakthrough®Supply Chain. The new service was created to support shippers on the freight side of their transportation spend through data-based supply chain optimization.

"As a leader in the industry, Breakthrough®Fuel constantly strives to lead the way with new and innovative service offerings to create client value," Doug Mueller, Breakthrough®Fuel CEO and president, said. "The creation of Breakthrough®Supply Chain supports our dedication to disruption and offers new solutions to current and future clients, helping enhance transparency and support their bottom line."

Breakthrough®Supply Chain provides shippers with a data and information-based approach to improving a variety of supply chain transportation and logistics strategies, including network optimization, sourcing and procurement, strategic design, and ongoing advisory services. Further, the service also brings a new level of transparency to shippers' freight movements, helping to create the most effective transportation network possible.

Breakthrough®Fuel is jump-starting the creation of Breakthrough®Supply Chain with the acquisition of the team of professionals responsible for the Supply Chain Consulting Practice led by Brooks Bentz. This group of seasoned and experienced supply chain practitioners will remain located remotely throughout the United States, offering expert insight and advisory consulting services to clients, providing help and advice during these particularly disruptive times.

"We have had extensive positive exposure to Breakthrough®Fuel over the years and are delighted to be coupling our supply chain experience, capabilities, and skills with the company that has an exceptional brand for transforming fuel management practices during a time it is so sorely needed," Brooks Bentz, Breakthrough®Supply Chain president, said. "We expect to continually improve our service offering to clients, seeking new and better ways for dealing with the volatile market pressures of today's environment."

Breakthrough®Supply Chain is currently accepting client projects supporting holistic, multi-modal strategic transportation optimization. To learn more about Breakthrough®Fuel's newest service offering, visit

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