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Supply Chain Management January 19, 2017

FreightorGator Adds Linear Footage Calculator Tool to Growing List of Free Online Resources

To help shippers avoid extra fees and charges due to the "linear foot rule," FreighorGator, a Kansas City-based less-than-truckload (LTL) freight exchange, has released a free linear footage calculator tool on the company's website. The calculator joins the growing list of other resources FreightorGator offers on its online exchange to help streamline the complex transportation industry.

The linear footage calculator is designed to make it easy for shippers to determine whether or not a shipment fits within carrier's pre-determined parameters for size, shape and weight to avoid costly penalties. The simple tool instructs users to enter the shipment's dimensions and identify if it is turnable or stackable. FreightorGator will then calculate the shipment's linear feet and create a diagram displaying the best way to pack the truck, which provides shippers with more information when comparing and booking LTL freight.

"Part of the complexity in the shipping industry is that many LTL shippers do not know exactly what to look for in order to get the best freight quote, which is why many face excess charges for regulations like the linear foot rule," said Augie Grasis, CEO and founder of FreightorGator. "We're excited to introduce the linear footage calculator to our service offerings to help our customers make the most informed shipping decisions and ultimately have a better shipping experience."

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