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Supply Chain Management March 14, 2016

Barcode Scanner Batteries may be Necessary Consumables, but They Don't Necessarily Have to Hurt Your Bottom Line.

Impact Power Technologies (IPT) pioneered the Productivity+ Series, the longest lasting batteries for barcode scanners, which are proven to significantly impact customers' bottom line. Because IPT's new technology lasts through a full shift or longer and guarantees double the lifespan of OE batteries, customers have been shocked by the immediate improvement in performance and the unexpected savings from vastly diminished battery reorders. IPT is quickly earning a reputation for increasing customer profits with more power. Recent examples include a large multi-site distribution center that saw nearly a 35% rise in productivity, while a major retail chain saved almost 79% in annual battery reorder purchases.

All retail, wholesale or manufacturer distribution centers use barcode scanners and each one continuously purchases replacement batteries for those devices as standard operating procedure. They know it's a necessary expense, but they may not know the real price they're paying for those OE batteries. Huge losses in productivity, inaccurate inventory records and thousands wasted on excessive battery replacements are just a few of the hidden expenses. Many distribution centers aren't even aware that an alterative power source exists—One that costs the same or even less than the OEM, yet eliminates these sacrifices by delivering uninterrupted power and an extended life span. IPT is an engineering company who specializes in making just one thing—better barcode scanner batt

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