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Software & Systems July 6, 2018

Argus Logistics Launches Argus Worldwide

Argus Logistics, a third-party logistics management company that delivers a transparent business model, comprehensive reporting tools and proven data analytics to companies across the globe, has launched a new logistics licensee model called Argus Worldwide. Argus Logistics CEO Jeff Lau made the announcement.

"In an industry where the mid-sized shipping segment is chronically underserved, we recognized an opportunity to create a program that allows logistics professionals operating in this space the ability to amplify their capabilities and better serve their clients," said Lau. "It's a game-changing scenario for individuals who want to take their expertise to the next level."

Through Argus Worldwide, licensees gain access to enhanced tools, technologies and human capital that allow them to elevate their logistics management services for clients. This includes access to a best-in-class, proprietary Transportation Management System software system with built-in customizations and extensive integrations and reporting capabilities, dedicated back-office support, powerful track-and-trace technology, proven predictive analytics capabilities, and the ability to integrate with clients' existing enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems. Additionally, they will be able to leverage optimization routines that can sift through a staggeringly large and complex set of data to identify hidden efficiencies, and dramatically reduce redundancy and waste by as much as 30 percent.

"Through the Argus Worldwide platform, licensees can unlock an extraordinary list of new assets, services and capabilities typically reserved for multi-billion-dollar clients with the full weight and reputation of Argus Worldwide behind them," said Brian Dalling, general manager of Argus Worldwide. "Engaging in this program will give logistics professionals the abilities to do their jobs better and more efficiently while granting them a high degree of autonomy and free enterprise with the full might of Argus Logistics supporting their efforts."

The licensing model offers a flexible and customizable level of engagement with licensees, allowing them to either keep their existing brand and business while gaining access to the resources offered by Argus Worldwide behind the scenes, or fully embracing the Argus Worldwide brand and operating as an agent underneath the Argus Worldwide banner.

For more information on the Argus Worldwide platform or to find out how to become a licensee, visit

Argus Logistics provides a transparent, business focused approach to logistics as a non-asset based, full service logistics management partner. Headquartered in Troy, Mich., with a strong operational presence across the globe, the company helps organizations reduce their logistics burden by creating customized solutions that save time and money across the entire supply chain. The company functions to integrate seamlessly into any business plan to fit the tailored needs of its clients. For more information, visit

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