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Software & Systems December 20, 2017

PeopleNet Enables Increased Mobility with Video Intelligence Mobile App

PeopleNet® (, a Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) Company and leading provider of fleet mobility technology, today announced the release of Video Intelligence Mobile, a web-based companion app of its industry-leading Video Intelligence solution.

Compatible with both Android and iOS-powered devices, Video Intelligence Mobile gives users the ability to view accident footage immediately, as well as easily share specific videos with others in the organization.

"By creating a mobile app for our Video Intelligence solution, we aim to provide users access to valuable Video Intelligence data everywhere they go, every time they need it," said Jim Angel, vice president of PeopleNet's Video Intelligence Solutions. "At its core, Video Intelligence captures accident footage that could potentially exonerate fleets and their drivers, while also providing a streamlined process for recognizing and coaching at-risk drivers."

Video Intelligence Mobile fully integrates with the PeopleNet Fleet Manager (PFM), an online web portal for back-office communications and carrier fleet management functions to provide 24/7 mobile access to the Video Intelligence platform.

The Video Intelligence solution utilizes backup, forward-facing, and left- and right-view cameras to create a near 360-degree view around the cab and trailer of the truck. This unparalleled view gives fleets visual information in the event of an accident as well as provides enhanced visibility into driver behavior for coaching opportunities to avoid future accidents.

PeopleNet's Video Intelligence was the first solution on the market that is fully integrated with a fleet management system. PeopleNet's Onboard Event Recording (OER) allows video to be triggered by company-controlled settings, including sudden acceleration or hard braking.

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