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Safety & Security April 8, 2019

Smartly Dressed with ELOKON's Safety Vest: Multiple technologies protect material handling workers

Chicago, IL, April 9, 2019 — ELOKON, a global leader in industrial safety technology, introduced its latest worker safety innovation in Chicago today at the ProMat material handling show. It's a Smart Safety Vest, packed with technology, for pedestrians who work around lift trucks.

The Smart Safety Vest works with ELOKON's ELOshield proximity detection system, which uses UWB wireless technology to prevent vehicle-pedestrian (and vehicle-vehicle) collisions. A transponder in the vest alerts both the pedestrian and the forklift driver if they get too close. As a failsafe, the system sends multiple warnings—by sight (long-range LED lights), sound (acoustic alarm) and feel (vibration alarm).

Of course, even when it's not being high-tech, it's still a bright-yellow, high-visibility safety vest.

The ELOshield system has two safety zones — "warning" and "protection" — which can trigger different system reactions (like automatic vehicle slow-down). Each zone can be flexibly programmed for distance and, optionally, shape.

Among the many advantages of wearable health & safety technology are comfort and convenience — think Fitbit and Apple Watch. This applies to the Smart Safety Vest, too. It slips on like an ordinary vest and, when not in use, recharges automatically on an inductive charging stand.

"The reaction to our new Smart Safety Vest has been incredibly positive," said Kevin Bradley, Vice President of Sales and Operations for ELOKON's U.S. subsidiary. "Based on extensive customer feedback, we have tailored this product to the needs of material handling workers. For example, more and more warehouses and factories now use driverless AGVs and cobots, so floor workers need better automated technology to ensure their safety."

Alexander Glasmacher, Managing Director of The ELOKON Group, added, "Smart safety clothing is a welcome development for the material handling industry and a logical product evolution for ELOKON. We are a champion of Industry 4.0 technology advancements. We look forward to further integrating our sensor technology in the wearables sector and adding even more safety features."


With 30+ years of experience designing and deploying industrial safety systems, ELOKON is a global leader in anti-collision technology and fleet management for industrial trucks. Our systems control access, provide digital safety checklists, reduce the risk of collisions, and prevent injuries and damage.

Although our focus is safety, we design our solutions to complement a vehicle's normal work routine with minimal disruption. Through vehicle integration and accident avoidance, our technologies deliver high operator acceptance, lower equipment downtime, and greater productivity.

ELOKON: Lead with safety.

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