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New Products and Services: Safety & Security

Head Protection Equipment Market Demand and Outlook till 2023
2018 Global Head Protection Equipment Industry Report History Present and Future:
The report offers point by point bits of knowledge into the components driving and controlling the market development, different patterns and openings are additionally given, real headways in innovation and rivalry following is likewise given in the report.

Panel Built, Inc.'s Prefabricated Storage Buildings Offer Instant Equipment Protection
Panel Built, Inc., a modular construction company that specializes in modular offices, mezzanines, and prefabricated guard booths, also offers a full line of prefabricated storage buildings.

BOLD and Seizmic, Inc. Launch InstpectR App to Keep Focus on Safety
Chicago - April 8, 2019 -BOLD, a progressive material handling firm that offers customized inspection services for distributors, integrators, manufacturers and end-users, today announced that through its partnership with Seizmic, Inc., it is launching InspectR, an app for handheld mobile devices that can completely manage and track warehouse safety inspections all in one place.

Smartly Dressed with ELOKON's Safety Vest: Multiple technologies protect material handling workers
Chicago, IL, April 9, 2019 — ELOKON, a global leader in industrial safety technology, introduced its latest worker safety innovation in Chicago today at the ProMat material handling show.

No More Climbing the Crane!
How do you provide safe operator access at height in distribution centers utilizing AS/RS unit load cranes? With the MARC SkyLift! The MARC SkyLift uses a mast that is permanently fastened to the crane and is a custom-designed operator work platform affixed to a climbing unit that travels the mast. This engineered "safe zone" enables safe access to pallet exceptions and crane maintenance at height.

Avnet Announces First Solution with LTE-M Connectivity that Provides AI and Security at the Edge
Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT), a leading global technology solutions provider, and Octonion, an Intelligent Edge IoT software provider, have teamed up with Orange, a mobile network operator, to launch a customized yet also modular 'plug and play' Avnet SmartEdge Agile IoT device using Octonion's Brainium meta-sensing artificial intelligence (AI) software, designed specifically for the LTE-M network.

Reinventing Fire Detection in Industrial Warehouses
The cost of a warehouse fire goes far beyond the loss of the building and goods.

Panel Built, Inc. Operator Cabs Create Comfortable Workspace in Hectic Environments
Panel Built, Inc., a modular construction company with over 20 years experience in the industry, manufactures top-of-the-line operator cabs for industrial, aerospace, and other sectors.

Panel Built Prefabricated Towers Offer Instant Security Upgrades
Panel Built, Inc. line of prefabricated security towers offers a durable and quick solution for facility security.

Panel Built's Equipment Enclosures Offer Quick Protection for Machinery
¬10/12/2018 - Panel Built, Inc., a modular structure manufacturer for over 20 years, offer prefabricated equipment enclosures to facilities all across the United States and internationally.

Stop Dock Tragedy with IRONguard's DockGate!
Toronto, ON - IRONguard Safety products is excited to introduce its newest product in a vast lineup of dock and warehouse safety products.

New LED Beacon from TVH
TVH in the Americas (TVH), a leading provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industries, is proud to announce the addition of a new LED beacon series to their already extensive product offering.

Light It Up with Our New LED Strobe Series
TVH in the Americas (TVH) has introduced the new 800 LED series to their substantial selection of strobes.

Panel Built Prefab Guard Booths: Transforming Facility Security Instantly
8/13/2018 - ATLANTA, GA - The modular construction industry has long been utilized to provide quick and convenient structures from across the United States.

Shine Bright with Our New Lights
TVH in the Americas (TVH) has introduced the new 100 LED series to their extensive line of beacons.

"Save"ty Yellow Products Introduces The Dock Stop - an Innovative Dock Safety Solution
The Dock Stop Gate from "Save"ty Yellow Products is a new, one-of-a-kind safety solution designed to prevent accidents - specifically fork trucks driving or backing off docks at warehouse and facility gates. With forklift injuries in the thousands every year, "Save"ty Yellow designed the industry's strongest gate safety solution - the Dock Stop.

Panel Built, Inc. Now Manufacturing Security Entry Vestibule
Panel Built, Inc., a modular construction company for over 20 years, has now added a new piece to their line of access control buildings, prefabricated entry vestibules.

Panel Built, Inc. Offers Ballistic Level Protection with Bullet Resistant Guard Booth
Panel Built's all welded steel construction and use of durable, low maintenance materials ensure the guard booth's greatest longevity.

New Scene Lights Ready to Ship!
TVH in the Americas (TVH), has introduced three new LED scene lights. They are designed to point downward at a 40° angle to illuminate anything below them.

Forklift-Simulator Brings Virtual Reality Technology to Industrial Workplaces - Showcasing at MODEX
VR Training provides gamification elements and immersion for accelerated learning that ultimately lead to greater productivity and safer workforce ATLANTA, GA -- APRIL 9, 2018 (MODEX 2018, FL-Simulator Booth # C2145) -- Industrial virtual reality (VR) company PlayWerk, creators of the successful Forklift-Simulator, announced expansion of its product line with the world's first VR reach-truck and a continued commitment to help grow and inspire employees, while increasing safety and productivity.

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