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New Products and Services: Robotics

Dorner Conveyors and UR+ Solutions Optimize Performance and Efficiency in Assembly and Packaging
HARTLAND, Wis., (March 20, 2019) — Dorner 2200 Series Conveyors is now a certified UR+ Solution that simplify robot and conveyor integration for a wide variety of automated applications.

AutoStore System announces the release of its new Black Line
A new line of AutoStore modules made for high demand systems Press release 14.01.2019 - NEDRE VATS, NORWAY - With revolutionary, uncompromised design throughout the line, we now offer Cube Storage Automation to users with very high throughput requirements. Introducing the Black Line, joining the Red Line in the portfolio of award-winning AutoStore systems.

Prophesee Unveils Breakthrough New Machine Vision Capabilities at VISION 2018
Bio-inspired, AI-based EBV (Event Based Vision) with ONBOARD reference system delivers drastic improvements in high-speed counting, real time tracking and vibration monitoring for greater productivity and equipment efficiency PARIS - October 29, 2018 - Prophesee SA (formerly Chronocam), inventor of the most advanced neuromorphic vision systems, will unveil new capabilities for improving productivity and equipment monitoring in industrial applications at VISION 2018.

New Generation of Integrated Material Handling Automation Powered by Geek+ Robotics Debuts at CIIF
Geek+ will be launching the latest Automated Forklift alongside with a full-process intralogistics automation solution
Chinese top robotics maker Geek+ Robotics (Beijing Geekplus Technology) will be demonstrating its latest material handling automation solution comprised of moving robot, self-driving forklift, mechanical arms at CIIF (China International Industry Fair) in Shanghai, from September 19th to 23rd , 2018. Since founded in 2015, Geek+ Robotics has been committed to leading the logistics revolution in the era of intelligence through robotic and AI technology, big data analysis and the in-depth professional understanding of the supply chain.