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Intimus PacMaster S Packaging Material Shredders turn corrugated cardboard waste, up to 4 ply thick, into versatile high-quality packaging material in seconds. The shredder's unique cutting head configuration creates a series of perforations in the cardboard creating a flexible, expandable material that can be used to line boxes or wrap breakable items such as glass, ceramics, electronic assemblies, or other goods that require protection against shock, impact, or damage during shipping.

With each pass the PacMaster creates packaging material up to 16.75" wide by any length. However, since the feed slot is open on 3 sides the PacMaster can accommodate much wider sheets. The excess width is automatically trimmed off and can then be refed. A measurement guide on the work surface allows users to create packaging material to any width under 16.75".

A lockable power switch doubles as an emergency stop switch. The shredder housing is fabricated from robust steel plate and designed for heavy-duty service at a packing station.

The PacMaster S shredder is also available in a variable speed version — the PacMaster VS — which automatically optimizes shredding speed based on load. As a result, the PacMaster VS can be operated on a 230V outlet.
The environmentally-friendly PacMaster S not only reduces waste in landfills, it facilitates the intelligent reuse of corrugated cardboard — before it is recycled.

For more information, contact Peter Dempsey, Intimus International, 251 Wedcor Avenue, Wabash, IN 46992, TEL: (800) 775-2122,

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