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Material Handling September 30, 2019

Warehouse Automation - Headed by AGV and Picking Robots

LogisticsIQâ„¢ latest market research study "Warehouse Automation Market By Technology (AGV/AMR, ASRS, Conveyors, Sortation, Order Picking, Automatic Identification and Data Capture, Palletizing & Depalletizing, Overhead Systems, WMS/WES/WCS, MRO Services), By Industry (E-commerce, General Merchandise, Grocery, Apparel, Food & Beverage, Pharma, 3PL, Wholesales), By Functions (Inbound, Picking, Outbound), By Geography - Global Forecast to 2025", estimates that the global warehouse automation market will grow more than 2x from $13 Billion in 2018 to $27 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 11.7% between 2019 and 2025.

Report Coverage

This market research survey is an in-depth study having more than 150 pages, 2000+ data points, pivot-ready excel file, 25+ countries market data and forecast, all lead industries verticals for warehouses and 150+ players data points having company profiles of 50 players across the value chain. It includes the data By Technology - AGV/AMR, ASRS, Conveyors, Sortation, Order Picking, Automatic Identification and Data Capture, Palletizing & Depalletizing, Overhead Systems, WMS/WES/WCS, and MRO Services; By Industry - E-commerce, General Merchandise, Grocery, Apparel, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, 3PL, and Wholesale; and By Geography - North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico), Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Nordics, Rest of Europe), APAC (China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Rest of APAC), Middle East & Africa (GCC Region, South Africa, Rest of MEA & Africa), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America).

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AGVs/AMRs are driving the warehouse market along with ASRS and Order Picking Solutions

The market for AGVs/AMRs is expected to grow at the highest rate from 2019 to 2025 followed by ASRS and Order Picking technologies due to their capability to reduce downtime and minimise infrastructure costs as users are not required to modify the existing infrastructure for installing these systems in an industrial facility. AGV/AMR is expected to have around 15% market share among all warehouse automation technologies by 2025. Also, Europe is holding an important market share in warehouse automation market due to high cost of labor in this region. Manufacturers in European countries have been early adopters of automated solutions to reduce the overall operational cost

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are among the most complex parts of warehouse automation and enables the automated storage of crates and pallets after delivery from supplier and the retrieval for the order picking process. It also includes automated racking, shelving, and shuttle systems and allows for far denser warehouses. MIAS, a provider of stackers which was acquired by Jungheinrich in 2015, has automated stackers that can travel at up to 5 meters per second and reach 43 meters high. AutoStore has been one of the most effective ASRS technology to redefine the warehouse space and is expected to grow at the highest rate from 2019 to 2025.

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Key Findings

We see substantial growth opportunities in the warehouse automation equipment space owing to several structural trends in consumer demand within eCommerce, retailing and 3PL logistics. Automation is must for customer fulfilment as meeting customer demands within e-commerce requires increased adoption of warehouse automation solutions to keep costs and operational complexity in check. Online retailing is fundamentally a logistics business driven by margin improvement from cost reduction in inventory management, order fulfilment and delivery capabilities.

Scaleable solutions enable Double-digit growth in e-commerce and online grocery sales is driving players to expand capacity to deliver required volumes. Warehouse automation solutions are built for scale and can deliver higher output and more accurate order fulfilment than a manual setup at lower operating costs and can increase the customer satisfaction as well as improve margins by reducing the delivery time as well as cutting down on the cost of wrong orders.

Online grocery retail is the perfect use-case owing to the high-volume, low-margin nature of the business and the constraints involved in storing and delivering "fresh" products that typically involve temperature-controlled supply chains. Building and delivering orders that meet increasing customer demands as well as can compete with the produce available in brick and mortar grocery stores in terms of freshness and prices, puts a huge pressure on the already thin margins in the grocery retail business. Warehouse automation is a perfect solution for this model, as the order picking and fulfillment process can be made more cost-efficient enabling the retailer to compete on prices as well as offer same-day delivery.

Efficiency - The spatial savings from reduced warehouse footprints can be up to 85% and reductions in operational costs of up to 65%. Space savings are achieved primarily through storing SKUs higher and denser, and reductions in operational costs are resulting from decreased demand for manual labour.

Key Players:
Daifuku, SSI-Schaefer, Dematic (KION), Vanderlande Industries (TICO), Murata Machinery, Honeywell Intelligrated, TGW Logistics, Beumer Group, FIVES Group, Swisslog AG (KUKA), Knapp AG, Witron Logistik + Informatik, Grenzebach Maschinenbau, Kardex AG, Elettric 80, Bastian Solutions (TICO), DMW&H, Stocklin Logistik, Viastore, System Logistics, MHS, Seegrid, Quicktron, Geek+, Grey Orange, Siasun, OPEX, Rocla, Vecna Robotics, Fetch Robotics, Locus Robotics, 6 River Systems, HikVision are among a few valuable players in this category.

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