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Material Handling July 10, 2019

Barcoding, Inc. Awarded Two New Patents from U.S. Patent Office

New patented technology to help customers become more efficient, accurate and connected

BALTIMORE - July 10, 2019 - Barcoding, Inc., the leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy and connectivity, has been awarded two new patents from the United States Patent and Trademark office (USPTO).

"At Barcoding, we're continually looking for new ways our platform-based solutions can provide our customers with a competitive advantage," said Jay Steinmetz, CEO of Barcoding, Inc. "Part of our innovation strategy is to identify, create and provide uniquely scalable solutions that can help our clients better serve their customers and employees, and these new technologies will help achieve that goal."

U.S. Patent 10,242,562, "Control systems with modular configurable devices," will help organizations improve safety, lower error rates and decrease potential for failure through real-time tracking of environmental conditions through various stimulus detection devices, such as carbon monoxide detectors or light detectors. The technology will also allow users to transmit data wirelessly so issues can be detected before a problem occurs.

U.S. Patent 10,194,859, "Activity regulation based on biometric data," will help organizations improve consistency and service by utilizing biometric user data to adjust schedules for performance-based work. This technology can also help organizations improve safety for employees by identifying physical exertion levels and adjusting work activities to avoid injuries.

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About Barcoding, Inc.
Barcoding is a supply chain automation and innovation company that helps organizations be more efficient, accurate and connected. With extensive subject matter expertise in data capture, labeling and printing, and mobile computing, we are trusted to build and manage solutions for some of the best IT and operations teams in the world. Founded in 1998, Barcoding is headquartered in Baltimore, Md., with offices across North America (Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver). For more information, visit

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