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Material Handling January 30, 2019

Barcoding, Inc. Launches "Get Smart" Mobile Computer Usage Agent

New software application debuted at NRF 2019 in the Zebra Technologies Booth

BALTIMORE - Barcoding, Inc., the leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy and connectivity and a Premier Solution Partner in the Zebra Technologies' PartnerConnect program, today announced the launch of "Get Smart," a new mobile application designed to capture and report user and device usage information. Get Smart offers real-time insight into when activities are performed throughout the day, on which devices and by whom. Zebra is the first mobile computing manufacturer to support this application.

Filling a void in the mobile computing market, Get Smart offers a solution to further maximize the use of mobile devices in multiple industries. The application allows managers to view user and device analytics, providing opportunities to efficiently match employee time and tasking with asset availability. Additionally, it adds a layer of user accountability for damaged or misplaced assets, helping to identify users who may require additional device training. It also includes a Find Me feature to locate misplaced devices.

"This is the natural next step of device utilization management," said Greg Henry, Vice President of Client Solutions at Barcoding, Inc. and the creator of Get Smart. "The industry lacked software tools with the capability to know which devices were in use by whom. Get Smart is a way to keep in-depth track of, in some cases, millions of dollars of hardware. We can keep these devices updated with MDM software, and now we're taking it to the next level and providing a better understanding of where they are and who is using them."

From retailers to warehouse distribution centers to hospitals and health systems, Get Smart's value is in the ability for enterprises to match asset purchases to their employee scheduling needs, while reducing ongoing support and asset replacement costs.

About Barcoding, Inc.
Barcoding, Inc. (Barcoding) is a supply chain automation and innovation company that helps organizations be more efficient, accurate, and connected. With extensive subject matter expertise in data capture, tracking, and integration, we are trusted to build and manage solutions for some of the best IT and operations teams in the world. Founded in 1998, Barcoding is headquartered in Baltimore, Md., with offices across the country including Seattle, Chicago and Houston. For more information, visit

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