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Material Handling June 29, 2018

Panel Built, Inc. Fights Fire with Wall Panels

Panel Built, Inc. now offers a variety of fire-resistant wall panels to provide customers with a wide range of fire protection. Panel Built's standard, wall panel consists of two ½" vinyl covered fire-resistant gypsum sheets sandwiched between a laminated polystyrene core and is 3" thick overall and is considered a "Class A" wall panel. For a wall panel to have a Class A rating, it must not sustain a flame; however, it may still be ignitable. The next step in our fire-resistant panels is our Non-Combustible panels.
Similar to the Class A panel, Panel Built's Non-Combustible panel is 3". This panel utilizes two specialized ½" fire-resistant gypsum and has a 2" thick core consisting of fire rated mineral wool and metal studs. This non-combustible panel is considered a higher form of protection to our Class A panels.
Finally, above both our Class A and Non-Combustible panel comes the 1-Hour Fire Resistant panel. This panel is often required in facilities that required high levels of fire protection. Panel Built, Inc. offers a 1 Hour Fire Resistant consists of two layers of exterior steel skin, 5/8" fire-resistant gypsum, and mineral wool core with steel studs.
In certain instances, facilities will upgrade their wall panel type to fire resistant in order to further protect their employees and materials inside the structure. However, in most instances, an increased fire rating will be required by an outside agency like a government building code or the facility's insurer. In instances where a structure holds or is frequently near flammable materials or chemicals, insurance companies will typically require an increased fire resistance in order to reduce the overall risk to property damage and/or life. Otherwise, the insurance company may refuse the facility insurance altogether.
No matter the case, Panel Built can offer a wall panel solution that fits whatever the facility's needs. Panel Built, Inc. is a modular construction company with over 20 years experience manufacturing modular offices, mezzanines, and guard houses. 3D fly-throughs are available for all structures that receive a quote including modular tower systems, specialized work platforms, and welded steel ballistic buildings. All prefabricated structures are manufactured in one of four innovative manufacturing facilities. Panel Built's mission statement is "To solve our customers' space needs with excellence and great customer service."

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