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Material Handling June 27, 2018

21st Century Forklift Training

Really Virtual Consulting, LLC (RVC), a service disabled veteran owned small business has released their Real-Forklift™ Virtual Reality Forklift Training Solutions. Real-Forklift™ is a family of forklift training simulators using the Rapid Engagement Augmented Learning™(REAL) Platform which combines traditional training techniques with Virtual Reality and mobile technology. This unique solution eliminates training risks while challenging operators of all experience levels. This multi-modal, multi-sensory experience allows operators to build hazard-response muscle memory without the risk. With the new workforce being much younger, powerpoint and videos are becoming a thing of the past. People want hands on training and what better way to introduce that safety training than in a completely risk free environment using Virtual Reality? This technology, allows trainers to safely evaluate forklift operators. The software has OSHA & Cal OSHA based curriculum. Through their cloud based learning management system, necessary driver data is captured and can be reviewed at a later time, including recordings of the drivers sessions. RVC offers a solution to fit anyone's budget. Currently 3 solutions: 1)Real-Forklift™ Basic (Download software and use an X-Box Controller). 2) Real-Forklift™ Mobile(a completely portable training simulator that allows you to attach to your desktop and includes a premium VR ready laptop, Occulus Rift VR Headset, 4 forklift controls, gear select, horn and seatbelt switch, steering wheel and pedal assembly, leap motion VR integration kit which allows you to see your hands in VR and a rolling transport case. 3) Real-Forklift™ Premium Training Simulator which has everything the mobile solution has, plus, giving you the most realistic forklift experience because it replicates most sit down counter-balance forklifts.

What differentiates RVC from their competition? They have made their solution completely portable and modular. They can address the concern of training on a mixed fleet of forklifts by having interchangeable forklift controls to closely match the different types of controls such as fingertip, lever or joystick. Their software automatically detects which control is on and you can begin training. Even their premium simulator can be moved by one person by being able to roll it around as it has a handle on the back and wheels on the front. The premium simulator will fit through any doorway and weighs less than 250 lbs. The other differentiator is that they have built a mobile application that allows each user to connect and authenticate through a mobile phone or tablet via secure bluetooth connection (currently Android only). This is advantageous for a few reasons: 1) You do not have to use your company's network which is always an issue with I.T 2) Any employee can jump on an available simulator and the bluetooth technology will automatically connect them and can begin training. Administrators can set guidlines for each employee, allowing the employee to only train what is specific to them. 3) They can incorporate company specific training programs and employees can train, take exams via smartphone or tablet. 4)Forklift trainers can see real time data and make changes via their smartphone such as changing environments, forklift attachments, and having full control and adjusting KPI's. You even have the capability of adjusting how the forklift feels and drives to match your forklifts.

Much like Fitbit has changed the way people excercise by making it fun and engaging, RVC will do the same thing. The platform they created allows companies to have a dashboard and allows employees to see their progress or even have company wide challenges on who is the best forklift driver. Everyone is competative, and by making training fun and engaging, you will never see anyone fall asleep or check their messages during a VR training session.

RVC decided to be a consulting firm because they can create a Virtual & Augmented Reality training program to fit any company's needs. From forklifts to cranes to active shooter and threat assesment training, RVC listens to their customers wants and makes it reality, virtual reality that is!

A free 30 day demo is available for anyone to download and try it out.

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Really-Virtual Consulting, LLC (RVC)

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