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Material Handling February 8, 2018

Midland Metal Mfg. is pleased to announce their new full color, 2018 catalog

Midland Metal Mfg. is pleased to announce their new full color, 2018 catalog.
Midland, a supplier to wholesalers and distributors nationwide focusing on the industrial, hose and fitting, fluid power, fastener, plumbing, oil and gas, heavy duty truck and trailer, marine, and OEM markets. Midland ships from their headquarters in Kansas City, MO and their west coast distribution center in Fresno, CA. They also have rep warehouses in Houston, and Atlanta.
Midland is committed to helping you build and promote your brand by being the silent partner in the background working to promote your company and provide the technology, sales, & marketing tools you need to succeed in tomorrow's marketplace. They've developed a generic website, private label shipping, bin labels, and custom catalogs to name a few. More information is available at

Their easy to use website, online ordering and account management, same day shipping, and superior customer service, continue to make Midland Metal Mfg. "too convenient not to buy from." If you would like to learn more and request a new 2018 catalog, please log onto or call 800-821-5725.

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Midland Metal Mfg.

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