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Material Handling January 2, 2018

The proper production sequences. The proper parts. The proper cart. Creform delivers.

Creform Corporation has developed a cart for an automotive assembler that allows the company to hold exhaust parts for line-side presentation. The parts are oriented and sequenced for upcoming production. Creform and its customer collaborated on the cart's design to address material handling efficiency, operator ergonomics and protection of the product being moved.
The cart consists of four shelves, with four openings per level. The open design allows for visible inventory management of all four shelves. Each of the slots is open at both ends for easy load/unload and each level features a ½ in. plastic shelf that is divided into four distinct compartments to ensure proper separation of parts, protection and easy removal. Creform 28mm plastic-coated pipe provides the necessary support and structural rigidity.
Parts are handled directly on the cart, eliminating the need for boxes or totes, which helps reduce waste and makes the production associate more efficient in both time and ergonomics.
The cart shown has overall dimensions of 48" L x 28" W x 56" T and has a load capacity of up to 500 lb. It comes with four large diameter swivel casters with 8 in. wheels for easy rolling and positioning, while each end of the cart features a push/pull handle for ergonomic height and comfort. This particular cart is configured for ESD (anti-static) application, but non-ESD configuration is available.

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