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Material Handling February 19, 2016

Forklift accessories for drum storage increase increase storage capacity and safety

Forklift Drum Rotator Carriers and Drum Grippers bring safety and efficiency to your warehouse.

The very shape of storage drums means they can be hazardous to transport and awkward to move. Often warehouse workers will move drums using forklifts outfitted with traditional forks angled up to prevent rolling.

This can lead to rolling loads and injured workers.

One way to avoid this is through the use of drum carriers and drum grabbers.

Drum grabbers are forklift attachments that are used for lifting and transporting drums. You can use drum grabbers to load and unload drums from pallets or skids and also lift drums and store them in drum rack.

Drum grabbers attach to a standard forklift and are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers to safely and efficiently move drums.

Installation is easy. Simply slip forklift forks into pockets of drum grabbers and you're ready to go.

The mechanical drum gripper allows you to safely and efficiently handle and store drums. Like a person's hand, the gripper is lowered over the drum, gripped and lifted for transportation. When you lower the forks the drum gripper is automatically released.

Drum rotator carriers are also great options for moving and rotating your drum stock.

A drum carrier & rotator allow you to pick up, lift, carry and rotate 55 gallon drums, load or unload them from pallets or skids and transport and store drums in drum racks.

The unique design of the drum rotator carrier enables you to even pour liquid from drums, all while the drums are safely secured in the drum carrier's cradle.

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