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Industry Organizations March 6, 2019

Why Is Auto Glass Repair Certification Important In Irving & Everywhere Else

Auto glass like any other part of your vehicle has certain standards and best practices that make it reliable when installed. Certified Auto Glass Repair companies not only comply with all necessary safety & quality standards but also offer expert certified technicians with licenses.

A certified auto glass repair company will also bring your better satisfaction on the repair job, and professionally complete the job compared to a handyman. Certified technicians are trained and retrained with new technologies to ensure quicker times, safer repairs, and better quality finishes.

Expert Inspection
A certified glass technician is trained to conduct inspections and can identify the most minor defects that can reduce the integrity of your auto glass. While its easy to take a cloth and run your hand over the windshield and windows after a storm, the certified glass technician will have their specific tools & training to get a better idea of damage.

Irving residents will agree that hail, rain, and cold weather patterns are all part of life in the city. Any time that you experience bad weather it's a good idea to have a certified glass technician inspect your windshield.

In case you cannot drive your car to the workshop, you can always call us at Glass Genie and book an appointment with one of our licensed glass technicians. The technician will visit you at your home to inspect and repair any auto glass damage.

Handling Repairs & Tools
A certified auto glass repair & replacement service will also have technicians that are licensed to repair & replace your car windshield and windows. They will have extensive training and work hours to safely repair auto glass and properly replace glass.

Ever heard of those DIY repair kits? Well, not the best idea to go with when repairing your auto glass. A certified car glass technician is equipped with the necessary knowledge to use the best equipment needed to repair your auto glass. In addition, licensed technicians are also versed with necessary best practices and safety guidelines to assure the integrity of your windows, windshields, and other auto glass parts.
Guaranteed Work & Service Quality
While a handyman will never really guarantee their work, a licensed auto glass company will not only guarantee their work but the parts they may replace. Licensed auto glass companies tend to have proper SOPs & procedures for their work to ensure their work is 100% guaranteed.

Repair certification also guarantees that the glass technician will repair or replace your auto glass with 100% safety. Remember that your car windshields are part of the structure. They support the frame on either end holding them from falling on the passengers.

An incorrectly installed windshield can display several issues including frosting, whistling noises, and instant cracks in case of an impact. A certified glass technician will not only repair your windshield but also test its strength before handing over the car to you.

Glass Genie - Certified Auto Glass Repair & Replacement
Glass Genie is a pioneer of auto glass repair and replacement in Irving, Texas. Our brand has been part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for nearly 2 decades. Today, Glass Genie operates through over 15 certifies auto glass repair centers located across the heart of Texas.

Our licensed technicians are available for both in house and mobile auto glass repair, with our exclusive 24/7 mobile repair vans ready to visit you at home or at work. As an official partner of several branded car companies, we also provide like for like replacements for your broken auto glass.

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