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Global Logistics March 19, 2019

Ancra Cargo Introduces Revolutionary Automated System that Customizes Cargo Decking Solutions

Ancra Cargo Introduces Revolutionary Automated System that Customizes Cargo Decking Solutions at the Push of a Button

Transportation Carrier to pilot the advanced system that improves freight loading efficiency, reduces potential damage, and improves driver and loading dock staff safety, satisfaction

ATLANTA, GA. - (March 19, 2019) Ancra Cargo introduced AutoDeck, an automated integrated decking system, today at the ATA Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta. The Ancra Cargo AutoDeck system allows loading dock staff and drivers to automate the height of each beam at the push of a button for customized decking solutions. The first of its kind, a transportation carrier will pilot this revolutionary product in market.

Prior to the introduction of manual decking systems decades ago, the space available in trailers was either not fully utilized or pallets were stacked on top of each other, potentially damaging cargo. Ancra Cargo is a leading innovator in decking systems, which allow for better freight shipping efficiency, reduces losses resulting from cargo damage and increases load averages by 10 to 30 percent.

The new Ancra Cargo AutoDeck system provides greater efficiency loading with higher safety for the user. Built with regard for operator safety, the easy to use automation features will lead to a higher utilization of decking systems, reducing time to load and improve both satisfaction and safety for logistics staff.

"The Ancra Cargo AutoDeck system is the next step as freight carriers aim to have the most effective and efficient tools in place," said Larry Bethel, president of Ancra Cargo. "It takes out the manual element of decking systems, which will increase usage and reduce the time to load by 20 percent."

"We're eager to work with a transportation carrier to prove the benefits of this new system," Bethel continued. "Safety, innovation and efficiency are top values for Ancra Cargo. The AutoDeck system will make moving freight more efficient with similar maintenance costs as other decking systems, so everyone from the manufacturer to the consumer benefits."

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About Ancra Cargo
Ancra Cargo is a world-class leader in the area of cargo handling and restraint systems. Founded in 1969 with the mission to improve safety and security for the transportation industry, we have grown to be North America's largest designer and manufacturer of load maximizing systems. With over 100 current patents, Ancra Cargo is dedicated to innovating, designing and manufacturing the highest quality products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Today, the Cargo Systems Group, headquarter in Erlanger, Kentucky, is a leading designer and manufacturer of cargo securement systems for heavy-duty transportation. Our products are hard at work on land, in the air, and on the sea, serving all phases of the transportation industry. In addition, we have manufacturing and distribution locations in Texas, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We are focused on our customers, meeting and striving to exceed their expectations. To read more about Ancra Cargo visit

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Ancra Cargo

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