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Global Logistics September 20, 2017

LionRT Makes Footprint in $70T Industry with Global Supply Chain Graph Database

Los Angeles, California, September 20, 2017 - Los Angeles based technology startup LionRTĀ® ( earlier this week filed a set of patents for technologies that will change the global supply chain industry. They included several patents on their graph database that builds relationships between units of performance in a supply chain, several patents for managing memory and computing power that is necessary for cloud management of the global supply chain, and technologies to deliver organizational real-time monitoring of supply chain performance even under the most adverse conditions in the field.

LionRT technologies aim to unify the supply chain by monitoring goods from their raw material state until their delivery to customers during Last-Mile Logistics. The company is active in manufacturing wireless sensors, generating on-demand economies for enterprise and individuals, and traditional supply chain enterprise resource planning for fleet operations.

"It's been a very interesting time with IBM and SAP both shifting their focus towards the global supply chain at the same time as us," said Rex Fatahi, CEO of LionRT Inc. "There are indications we may have a slight advantage as evidenced by our unique solutions that are dedicated in whole to cover supply chain and Last-Mile operations," he said.

LionRT offers solutions for supply chain and Last-Mile logistics management. For more information contact Mr. Louis Carrillo by email to

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LionRT Inc.

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