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Automatic Data Capture August 20, 2010

Gear Keeper instrument tethers

Ventura, Calif.-based Gear Keeper now offers a line of instrument tethers to help prevent warehouse workers from dropping or misplacing bar-code scanners and similar devices. The tethers, which are designed to hang from a belt or shoulder strap, come in multiple forces to match the weight of any instrument and can be configured with a variety of clips or straps depending on needs. The devices come in various lengths and retraction forces. Belt clip or small hanging tether systems are designed to hold up to 36 ounces, while heavy-duty and shoulder strap models can easily hold a device weighing up to 68 ounces.

Gear Keeper instrument tethers come in both retractable and non-retractable versions. Retractable tethers are most often used when users simply wish to grab the instrument and then let it go when they are done. Non-retractable versions provide minimal resistance to suspend and secure an instrument during use.

Gear Keeper

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