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Automatic Data Capture October 9, 2019

Chainway Unveils C66 Mobile Computer

Chainway, a global provider in automatic data capture, recently releases new generation C66 mobile computer. It features powerful configurations and overall improved performance, which can be deployed in multiple sectors to improve efficiency and boost productivity.

C66 allows a variety of data capture options such as barcode scanning, RFID and NFC, etc. Integrated with industry-leading barcode engine, it can accurately realize fast decoding for almost all kinds of 1D/2D barcodes, even those dirty, damaged and poorly-printed codes. Besides, it can perform several UHF reading and writing modes. For instance, thanks to the deployment of UHF module with embedded Impinj Indy R2000 chip, C66 itself delivers outstanding UHF RFID performance that enables read range of 25m indoors and 10m outdoors. In addition, C66 can be slipped into R6 UHF sled reader for a complete one-piece RFID solution. And whenever only barcode reading function is required, C66 can be flexibly detached to return its lightweight size.

Built with 5.45-inch IPS display, Chainway C66 offers a broader view of data with ease. The design of the device contributes to comfort all day, as well as durability and ruggedness that enables damage resistance, which ensures C66 to perform all applications, even in a complex environment.

The device is integrated with 4300mAh removable battery that supports QC3.0 quick charge. Moreover, it allows optional trigger handle with 5200mAh battery, so as to meet maximum battery power of 9500mAh. C66 is always equipped with power to fulfill intensive tasks.

With various functions, full and complete optional accessories, as well as stronger extensibility to enable more possibilities, C66 handheld computer can be widely applied to retail, logistics, warehousing, transportation, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, power patrol inspection, etc.

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