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December 22, 2010

Zero-gravity device promises to make heavy lifting a breeze

Mechanical arm technology lets workers move heavy objects as though they were weightless.

By DC Velocity Staff

If you've ever wished that cartons and other items could levitate and move around your warehouse on their own, your dream may soon come true, in a manner of speaking.

Los Angeles-based Equipois Inc. is now developing a device that will be able to transport objects weighing up to 80 pounds as though they were weightless, says a company spokesman. The device, which is being developed specifically for warehousing and material handling applications, will incorporate the company's unique "zeroG" mechanical arm technology, which allows operators to move objects as if they were being manipulated in space, according to President and CEO Eric Golden. Cartons won't exactly move themselves, but operators will be able to reposition them with minimal effort, eliminating repetitive motion and stress injuries.

The zeroG mechanical arm was invented by Garrett Brown, developer of the patented Steadicam camera-stabilization system used in the film and television industry. Equipois collaborated with Brown to adapt the Steadicam technology for the workplace. The manufacturer has won numerous design and engineering awards, including this year's International Stevie Award for Most Innovative Company of the Year, North America.

You can see videos of the zeroG mechanical arm in action at www.equipois.com.

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