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Trucks. Telematics. Training.

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The Raymond Corporation

Technology is evolving and changing the way the warehouse workforce operates, trains, and acts upon data. To address these ever-evolving challenges, The Raymond Corporation offers intralogistics solutions and its iWAREHOUSE® "internet of things" industry platform to help support and manage all warehouse aspects, including the three highlighted below. This suite of intralogistics solutions provides customers with more solutions across all warehouse needs and can help encourage proper operation in the workplace.

Trucks: Today's durable and dependable Raymond® lift trucks deliver on customers' need for increased warehouse productivity and efficiency. With industry-leading height and weight capacities, Raymond lift trucks also offer built-in, integrated solutions and features to support proper operation. As in the auto industry—where, more than ever before, new cars have a greater number of sensors and devices to assist drivers with their surroundings—new lift trucks now have multiple sensors that communicate wirelessly through telematics systems, so data can be delivered instantly and managers can address notifications as they occur.

Telematics: One of the most widely used forklift telematics features for prevention is an electronic pre-operation checklist that is completed by operators and can be saved in the system. From the iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY™ you can see critical information at a glance, including operator daily checklist completions. In addition, Raymond's iWAREHOUSE fleet management and warehouse optimization system is becoming a standard feature on Raymond lift trucks and is integrated into the forklift truck. A customer case study found that operators felt more comfortable knowing the equipment was up to date on maintenance and would perform well, and managers were better equipped to provide a comfortable operating environment for employees with machines that provide a clear picture of exactly what is happening in the warehouse.

Training: Virtual reality (VR) supplemental educational tools offer lift truck operators the opportunity to become more confident and comfortable with forklift controls—all before reaching the warehouse floor. The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator allows operators to use a forklift in simulation mode to learn using preprogrammed exercises. After plugging the forklift into Raymond's Simulation Port, or sPort, a user can secure the VR headset and enter an enhanced training experience that simulates the movement and feeling of operating a forklift in a warehouse environment. The program offers employers training support in a variety of ways:

  • Uses actual forklifts and lift trucks, meaning operators will practice with the truck's actual controls
  • Allows for the prescreening of incoming forklift operator applicants
  • Provides supplementary instruction between the classroom and hands-on forklift training
  • Allows trainers to view real-time results of a trainee's movements and responses, and gives trainers a way to offer feedback that reinforces desired behaviors
  • Offers experiential training for emergency scenarios
  • Acts as an easy-to-use refresher course for experienced operators who want additional practice

Implementing these three measures—trucks, telematics, and training—will protect operators and prevent product damage, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

To celebrate National Forklift Safety Day, Raymond is offering its e-learning programs at a discounted rate to encourage companies to stay secure while remaining competitive in today's e-commerce-driven economy.

Contributed by The Raymond Corporation