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HAWKER® Committed to Power and Safety

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HAWKER® is proud to support the annual National Forklift Safety Day, sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association.

HAWKER® motive power solutions are the moving force behind diverse applications around the world. Our battery and charger products are designed for optimum power, long work cycles, and safe operations.

HAWKER® products offer many inherent safety-related benefits:

  • Full-shift power in demanding environments
  • Long life-cycle operations
  • A wide range of opportunity- and fast-charge products to avoid battery changes
  • Modular, high-frequency charging eliminates downtime
  • Opportunity charging allows for quick charge during break times
  • Fewer battery change-outs needed
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced total ownership costs

For more information on HAWKER® or our products, please contact a HAWKER® representative in your area by calling 877-7HAWKER, or visit us on the Web at www.hawkerpowersource.com.

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