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Safety Doesn't Happen by Accident

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Hyster Company

Safety is something that you must plan for. At Hyster, we weave elements of safety into everything we do—from product design and development, to our manufacturing processes, to maintenance and training. Hyster is also committed to advancing overall safety practices in the materials handling industry. Proper training of forklift operators and pedestrians is paramount to the successful implementation of our equipment in the workplace.

National Forklift Safety Day (NFSD) helps all of us to refocus attention on the importance of safety. NFSD is really about awareness—awareness that brings all parties together to discuss the safety expectations and needs for their specific applications and to determine the innovations available that can assist operators and reinforce safe behaviors. Recently, Hyster implemented virtual reality into its training techniques to give operators familiarity with using a lift truck in an application before ever physically getting onto the truck. In addition, Hyster Tracker telemetry is capable of giving fleet managers a holistic view of operations. They can then make operational recommendations to implement or reinforce safe behaviors.

Ultimately, when we talk about forklift safety in an operation, safety extends beyond the operator compartment. There is no replacement for properly trained, attentive operators and pedestrians. That is why Hyster offers an award-winning, extensive collection of safety training and awareness materials to all of our dealers, so that they may share that knowledge with each one of their customers.

While National Forklift Safety Day is an important day for recognizing forklift safety, Hyster stresses that safety is not just a matter of one event or outcome. It should become a culture that is inherently understood and observed in every operation and by all associates. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

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