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CLARK Proudly Supports National Forklift Safety Day

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CLARK Material Handling Company

CLARK Material Handling Company is a proud supporter of National Forklift Safety Day. CLARK has continuously focused on safety over its 100+ year history. Our company has introduced to the industry numerous safety innovations and remains committed to safe products and trained lift truck operators.

CLARK, the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), and other ITA member companies work together to ensure the engineering standards and design standards of today's modern lift trucks promote efficiency and safe operation. Additionally, as an association we work with other groups around the world to help promote safe products on a global scale.

CLARK is an active participant in the ITA and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) "Compliance Officer Training Seminars" (COTS). This alliance between the ITA and OSHA trains inspectors in ways to better inspect and understand forklift trucks. Since its introduction approximately 600 OSHA inspectors have received this training.

CLARK products are supported by a network of highly trained authorized dealers. For more information on CLARK trucks, aftermarket parts, or service, please visit us at www.CLARKmhc.com.

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